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About Health at Hand Bodywork + Esthetics

Laura Langanke
My name is Laura, the founder of Health at Hand Bodywork +Esthetics. I have been committed to providing highly skilled, knowledgeable and inspired bodywork since 1998. Blending the art and science of skincare and bodywork, I delight in the opportunity to be able to provide nurturing experience followed by the most advanced techniques to help clients reach their goals.

With over 20 years of experience, I've completed over 2000 hours of education in massage therapy. I specialize in many modalities drawing from a clinical/sports background – working with chronic pain and injury -- and eastern, energetic modalities including -- Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage) and Shiatsu. I also provide results-oriented, corrective skincare. It is my goal to provide advanced, cutting edge treatments and the finest clinical, therapeutic products available.

I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (CSMT) in 1998. Received my Myofascial Certification from CSMT in 1999. I completed Advanced Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy training in 2006 and earned my Zen Shiatsu Certification at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2009. In 2103, I graduated from the College of International Esthetics, earning my Esthetician Certification and CO State License, as well as Medical Esthetics Certificates in Microdermabrasion and Chemical Resurfacing. I attend continuing education seminars, labs and classes in the field of Esthetics and Massage.

I am blessed and grateful to live and work in the beautiful community of Golden. I enjoy an active lifestyle of alpine and cross country skiing in the winter, and hiking, biking in the warmer months. I am a Mom to a wonderful and vivacious son, Hayden. A few of our favorite activities include learning about dinosaurs, reading, fishing, kayaking and camping. I also love to spend time with friends, cook, travel, sing and dance!

Ananda Rechenmacher LMT, CTT

I am Ananda and this is my 18th year as a CMT (certified massage therapist) and my 14th year as a TTT (trauma touch therapist). I visualize myself as a facilitator of healing, collaborating with my client, who is discovering their own true inner healer. To empower the integration of body mind and spirit, I offer 3 specific modalities in which to accomplish this objective: massage, healing touch, and trauma touch therapy.

I am a graduate of the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1996, and in 2000 became a Certified Trauma Touch Therapist.

I will take an individual and integrative approach utilizing many different massage techniques including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Healing Touch and Trauma Touch Therapy.

As a trauma touch therapist, I gently guide you to release traumatic pain that is stored in your muscle cell memory, with the utilization of breathwork, creative visualization and imagination. This healing process is supported through 10 one and a half hour sessions, which allow the body the necessary time needed to shift and release old patterns of trauma and pain. Unlike our quick minds, the body is much slower to change. This therapy is accomplished without the mental traumatic recall of the past, focusing exclusively on the body's intelligence to release past issues from the tissues through this gentle, non-judgmental healing art form.

Beautiful Golden has been my home now since 1983, where i have raised my 2 children. I currently find great delight playing with my 2 young grandchildren who teach me so much about patience, true unconditional love and pure joy. My life is generously enhanced through the artistic expressions of painting, sewing and dancing.
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